Site Goes Live

Webdate: 2009-0805

It's late a night, approaching the witching hour. What better time to consider putting the new site online! Well if it all goes wrong, at least I'll have a fresh head to look at again in the morning. Good night all.

Site Update

Webdate: 2009-0723

It's taken a few weeks now but progress is being made. I have no real use for this as a home page so I've decided to use it as a bit of a blog / progress report. A bit twitter-like but with more than 160 characters to spare.

Hello World!

Webdate: 2009-0701

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. The site was supposed to go live but I chickened out and it remains on my PC. I need a little more content and just a few more pages, but at least the template looks good.

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